Hello readers,

I hope you all have been enjoying the comic as much as I have enjoyed making it and I would like to thank every one for reading.

I feel it important to bring everyone a little bit of news and plans I have for the future of the comic. First off, the comic will be on hiatus for the month of April and it may likely be extend into May. The reason for this hiatus is because of my new job. I have been falling behind on my work schedule for the comic it self and due to circumstances my work hours for my new job will probably be increased to full time within those two months. So I currently feel it necessary to take a sort break from uploading pages. This does not mean I will stop working on the comic however. My hope is to use what little time ill have within this break to get ahead again.

Once The hiatus is over I will be changing the upload speed to 1 page every two weeks. This is to help ensure ill have some breathing room after the break and after some time I will more the likely return to a new page every week. I apologize for this inconvenience and hope everyone understands the situation.

In additional new I may have some changed planned for my patreon in the future as well, possibly after the break. Ill see about posting updates on my progress with possible sketches and some art through out this break.

Thank you for understanding and will see you all when the adventure continues.